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You’re Wedding Guide- Rustic Vintage Barn Venue

Updated: May 6, 2022

COVID has changed the entire wedding industry. Because of the pandemic smaller outdoor ceremonies are all the range. Not to “toot our own horn” but rustic and barn venues have been around for a long time. The wedding industry has had so many trends, barn venues continue to grow in popularity. Some say because of the outdoor space and simple surroundings. Barn venues are easily simple, sweet and always charming. Of course, most barn venues are locally owned ranches and farms that just continue to get better with time. Majority of the barn venues have made it through the pandemic and continue to be on demand. On average this is something that will save couples money. Think about the space and natural landscape. In general couples tend to spend money on trends and extravagant touches. Setting off doves or hiring professional dancers. These services can distract from what is important. Intimate destination weddings are the best way to celebrate with you family. Keep in mind you still have expenses such as attire, flowers, transportation, and maybe even a honeymoon or maybe your first mortgage. Some halls have begun to incorporate rustic décor in their look. Why not choose the real deal.

Paying deposits deposit can be a daunting task. Play it safe you don’t’ have to put everything on credit cards or your life savings. Many couples set up "funds" as part of their registry to help them cover wedding expenses. There are several wedding sites you can build your website and add a Veno account for example, so your money gets sent directly to your account. This will keep a running list for you to send “thank you cards.” Some couples may also choose to take out wedding loan. We’ve seen where couples have family members asking where they can help. This is your moment to say “Yes!” If you have a friend or family member(s) don’t be shy they want to generally help. If you have a family member that can jump in and use their professional skills, that’s great your one of the lucky couples that has that-- some couples don’t. We suggest taking them up on their offer.

As you add up your wedding expenses, don’t sweat it if the price tag is more than you had originally imagined. But also, don’t set your heart on the first venue you visit or the first dress you try on. Most couples are engaged for over a year--- make sure your wedding planning process includes comparisons.

A safe way to save on expenses is to invite family members you know will attend. Instead of inviting every single friend -- think about it realistically who will be there. Make a list of friends and family you know will attend. You can also do some DIY. Flowers can be a big expense and some flowers are just expensive. Have a bridal shower and make your floral arrangements. There are several tutorials on YouTube and maybe someone in your group might be perfect for this project if you’re not too hands on.

Keep in mind the average wedding in Texas is approximately $30,000+. Your wedding can easily cost more or less. Think about what matters to you most. Try to choose a venue that offers all-inclusive packages to avoid all the running around. These types of venues have already done the homework for you. They work with professionals that have already been at the venue and they know the flow. Working with a new vendor might create snags in your special day as well

We hope this is helpful information.

As always, we wish you All the best,

Christina Alcantar Kroeplin

Owner/ Coordinator

The Ranch On Vinton Road,

Weddings & Social Events


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