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Our beautiful rustic atmosphere couldn’t be without a place for each one to get ready on their special day.  Either His & Hers or The Couples with all due respect --Spacious layout, Queen Bed with Kitchenette, fluffy chair, tv, lots of mirrors. natural lighting and enough mirrors  and hangers for mom & all your bridesmaids.  Go ahead and take photos and share we love that. The adjacent suite with room for the boys is right next door with the same layout but different theme.   Spacious room is, equipped with mirrors and set for relaxing just before the nuptials & cards for a good poker game. Enjoy your time before the I‘Do’s!

Classic +Rustic


An open spacious Rustic Country Setting Ceremony with a welcome home feel.  Photo ready space and most importantly private country setting.  Weather you’re having 50 guests or over 300 at your ceremony we set up the outdoor space to meet your needs. Our lawn provides for grand bridal entrance and serene ceremony.  Don’t forget to add the horse and carriage ride.  Take a nice ride in our countryside with your soul mate and take a brief moment to enjoy each other right before all the festivities.


Food + Cocktails


The Ranch is both indoor & Outdoor and very flexible with the layout.  Every Wedding or Event has been unique.  We can easily move the Sweets Table out and Coffee as well.  We have two bars one inside the barn and another outside.  Our staff takes care of serving Buffett Style Service and we can accommodate a large crowd.  The Ranch has seating and décor already included in your package.  If you need additional rentals we have our preferred companies we work with.


Let’s Dance

The Ranch Grounds

After your ceremony take a moment for a carriage ride.   Be sure to take some pictures and let all the butterflies settle down.   Come back to The Ranch and enjoy a cocktail and continue to greet your guests.  We’ll take care of serving and fussing over you.  Relax and enjoy The Ranch Style BBQ, celebrate with your friends and dance the chicken dance while our photographer captures every moment.  The Ranch has plenty of property for each of your guests to enjoy the evening discovering the lawn games or visiting with family and friends. 

Weather inside the barn listening to your favorite tune or running to the dance floor to make sure your part of the flower toss or taking selfies with one of our hoses next to our rustic wagon, our hope is that your enjoy The Ranch as much as we do.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best way to contact you?

Contact the Office number 915-588-8221. We reply to texts and email the fastest. Download our Wix App go to our website www.TheRanchOnVintonRd.com and follow the links we get this the quickest.You may email if you would prefer TheRanchOnVintonRd@gmail.com.

  • How long do we get the The Ranch rented for?

Depending on your Contract.  Half an hour prior to the ceremony half an hour ceremony and 5 hour reception time. But you may arrive up to two hours prior to your wedding start time!  Let us know so we’re ready for your.  Make sure to let your Guest know what time to arrive on the invite.

  • When should the ceremony start?

We recommend starting an hour and a half before sunset. This way you get 30 minutes of perfect lighting pictures and 30 minutes of sunset pictures after the ceremony. If you google “Sunset ‘your wedding date’”  it will give you the exact time.  Or if you want to do a first look and do most of your photos prior to the ceremony! That is always a great option then you get to enjoy your entire reception and not spend an hour and a half taking photos or go on a horse & carriage ride. 

  • If I book the complete package what else do I need?

Cake Cutting set if you want a keepsake, Guest book, Garter set; Party favors (optional), Toasting glasses (optional)

cake plates for your cake, favors for your guests, pillows for ceremony, kids coloring books,(We are still adding to this list.)

  • Can we bring in our own alcohol?

Unfortunately, No due to our liquor license all alcohol has to be purchased through us. Our drinks run from $5 and up. We can work on a menu to better fit your needs. Some packages include the champagne & ginger ale for the toast.  We have had wedding Guests sneak in alcohol and we had to let them know to take it out.  

  • How many events do we host in one day?

We only do one wedding a day, but can have 2-3 a weekend depending on size.

  • How does payment work?

We only require a $1,000 deposit then we require final payment 90 days prior. You may make payments anytime.  Our policy is we start payments 30 days after signed contract and divide into payments.  Check or Cash there is No Added Fees. If you elect to use a Credit or Debit Card we Charge 4% for All Online Payments the Fee is 10%. Some Clients pay via Bill Pay and there is No Fees. Please let us know What you Decide.

  • How many people can your venue hold?

We can hold a maximum of 500 + on Parties of 200+ We add a Port-A-Potty to accommodate the large groups.

  • How many people per table?

6 gusts per table on rectangular tables and 4 guest per round table. Cocktails tables 2- 4 people comfortable.   We also offer upgrades rustic tables, cross back chairs, larger round tables etc... to change the layout if you prefer at additional cost.

  • Can We Bring Our Own Tables, Chairs, Tents, Jumping Balloons, Heaters, any Rentals including linens... etc....?

We use our own Rental Companies for these items as well as Other Rentals.

  *  When will Set Up be?

We set up the venue approximately Four hours prior to your ceremony

  • How soon should I book my event?

Honestly, it depends on how important your date is to you. We book up to 2 to 3+ years in advance, so if there is a specific date you want, the recommended booking would be as soon as you decide on a venue.

  • What if I have less than 100 people? Your packages are all for 100.

We have different size packages either 50 Guests or More.  We also have promotions and Micro Weddings.

  • Can I bring my own vendors for; Cake, Photography, Hair & Make Up, Flowers, Catering? Can my cousin, sister or brother bring my cake. catering or flowers etc.?

Yes!  We have a list of vendors but you don’t have to use them. You may elect to bring you own vendors this includes family members that are licensed vendors an additional fee per vendor applies either your or ours.  We have to take care of our establishment and the people in it, so we have to be careful.  For our protection we would like to have our Vendor form filled out and approved 30 days prior to event.  A $150 Flat Fee per Any additional Vendor Applies.

  • Is your The Ranch Indoors or Outdoors?

We actually have both! We have an indoor barn bar as well as a beautiful outdoor area with grass and an Optional Ceremony Area.

  • Who’s included in my guest count?

Everyone is included …..Yourself and the bridal party. If you’re doing our All Inclusive Package we take care of the vendor’s dinner but if you are bringing you own make sure you include them as well!

  • We booked signed the Contract Now What?

First off Congratulations! We are beyond excited to help plan your big day! We can start discussion on your theme and work with you on your dream wedding.

  • How does dinner work?

Dinner is served Buffet or Family Style depending on package. The DJ announces a few tables at a time to come up and get dinner.   We have the buffet down to a science we can serve your guests relatively quickly, so no need to worry about your guests waiting in line. When we’re doing family to the table we have enough staff to accommodate the meal service.

  • What about cocktail hour?  While we are taking pics what do guests do?

So while the Bride & Groom, the family or the Couple ..... respectfully and maybe your bridal party are taking photos after the ceremony, guests are getting drinks, finding their seats and mingling. If you would like, we can help with appetizers for your guests to snack on let us know and we can get you a quote.  The All Inclusive Package has appetizers already.

  • What are your Required Fees?  Do you have Damage Security?  And what about Security at the door?

You can add your Event Security to initial Deposit of $400 or leave a credit card on file.  Nothing will be billed unless we find damages.  We let you know if anything is needing your attention and we can discuss the matter.  If your staying in our Airbnb Suites it will be logged on the Airbnb.  We do ask for the Bar Minimum to be paid 90 days prior to the Event or you can run a tab and we work with you on signature drinks or open bar.  You can add a Security Guard at the door for additional fees depending on the size of your group.

  • Is there a Refund if I Cancel My Wedding or Event?

All Payments are Non Refundable.  Please keep in mind when you put your Deposit of $1000 we start locking the date in for your Event and we contact our group so they are also holding this date for you.  We try to accommodate as much as possible so let us know and well discuss.  We can However Reschedule One Time At No Charge.  After that we will have to add a $500 fee to reschedule and some vendors might have additional fees.

  • Is the Package Taxed?

Yes, the package is subject to Sales Tax & 18% Gratuity for our Entire Staff.  

  • Do you have Security at The Ranch?

If you would like Event Security it can be anywhere from $250  to $350 starting per 100 Guests and it would be additional to your package.

  • Do you provide Event Insurance at The Ranch?

It is Recommended your welcome to look on wedsafe.com 

or any independent firm. 

  • What are your horses names?

Babe is the Female, Indio and Itsy Bitsy he's the white Arabian.


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