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The Ranch On Vinton Rd~ Weddings & Social Events

What to Expect &
Day of Event  



On Your Wedding Day


1.  How will my wedding day go?   


We usually start with getting ready at The Ranch Suites. We work with you to have a set itinerary.  Keep in mind this might change at any time.  We try to go with the flow.  Your ceremony should take between 15 and 20 minutes.  After your ceremony our couples can go on a romantic horse and carriage ride.  The two can take beautiful pictures during this time as well.   Our staff can go right to serving your guests meals.  Depending on your schedule we can have the toast and cake cutting later in the evening.  You’re Father-Daughter & Mother—Son Dance, Bouquet Toss and Garter can be included on your itinerary.  The key to make it all work is to have it ready to go just in case there are any changes. You might have out of town guests that may have to leave early.  Let us know so that we can accommodate.

2. Will there be other events at the same time?  Do you have any other events scheduled the day of my wedding?  How many events do you allow to be scheduled per day?   


We prefer to only hold one event per at a time.


3.  Are there any restrictions on decor, photography, videography, or bar service?   


We are a licensed bar and do not allow any alcohol to be brought in or out of our property.  As for Any Vendor we do have a vendor waiver for any vendor which is part of your contract and it’s really to keep in family friendly and protect all parties. We have an additional Permission to Photograph Private Property for Photographers and Videographers.


4. What kinds of decorations are included in the rental? Do you accept DYI decorations?   


For your decorations we have our own decorations you may use but if you feel you prefer to use yours, we do allow it.  We ask that you bring anything you want to be displayed at Rehearsal.  If you have a picture of how you want your display can definitely work with that.


5.  What staff is provided?  


Includes Service for your Entire Event; Greeters, Parking Attendants, Bartenders, Wait staff​, Set Up & Clean Up, Cake Cutting Service, Champagne Service, Event Security, Host(s) & Ushers our Texas Hospitality and Service.

6.  How many hours are Included with my event?   


Each event differs from the other depending on your event it will be stated on your contract.  If you need additional time for setting up there is a $100 per hour continuous with the event.  We ask that you reserve your time for set up and pick up.  


7.  How can I Tour your venue? 


Please contact us at 915-588-8221 to book your tour. We prefer you visit us prior to your final decision.  There are plenty of venues and vendors to choose from.  You definitely have to love your venue and its vendors.


8.  Can I see photographs or other receptions held here? 


We can view them at our visit. We also show more images once were take a tour.

9.  Are there adequate electrical outlets for the entertainer? 


There are several outlets throughout the property.  We would have to go over your needs at Rehearsal or Prior to Event.


10.  Do you provide any equipment such as a sound system, AV or PA system? 


We have available sound systems for the barn itself but for your event our Dj provides the sound systems equipment.


Catering & Bar Service

11.  Can I Bring My Own Catering?  


We do our own catering at The Ranch.  All offsite catering vendors are not allowed.  We are a licensed bar and grill and provide our own staff to help with all our events. ​If you want something different for your catering, we can quote you per your request.


12.  Can we bring our own Alcohol? 


What options do you have for alcohol service? Can you include customized cocktails?  Unfortunately, No..... due to our liquor license all alcohol has to be purchased through us. Our drinks run from $5 and up. We can work on a menu to better fit your needs. Some packages include the champagne & ginger ale for the toast.  We have had wedding Guests sneak in alcohol and we had to let them know to take it out.  

13.  On average, what is the per person price for dining?   


On average our pricing is at $25+ per person depending on meal we adjust to market pricing. This pricing does reflect staff, set up & clean up, silverware, plates, napkins all that is needed for your reception or dinner not just the meal.


 Bride & Groom / Couples Suites

14.  What areas and rooms will we have access to?   


On your Wedding Day you will have early access for you and your bridesmaid and grooms to take the time to get ready and possibly take pictures if you wish.  Two (2) Hours prior to your event.  Usually, the Bride and her Bridesmaids or moms are here getting hair and makeup done way earlier than the Groom and his Groomsmen.  We’re pretty flexible here if you need extra time let us know


15.  Are there any restrictions to using the couple Rooms?   


 Our only restrictions are that our Couple Rooms are not open to be a party room during your Event.   The Suites are to be used to get ready and take pictures for our event.   No Alcohol is allowed to be brought into the Suites.  We make sure we set up for you if needed.  The Rental Party is responsible for any loss or damage to Suites.


16.  Where are the nearest restrooms?    


We have two available restrooms downstairs for parties of 150 or above we to have a separate Port a Potty at additional cost.   


17.  Is your venue and restrooms handicap accessible?    


Our event area is wheelchair accessible.


Payment & Cancellation 

18.  How soon should I book my event?    


Honestly, it depends on how important your date is to you. We book up to 2 to 3+ years in advance, so if there is a specific date you want, the recommended booking would be as soon as you decide on a venue. 

19.  How does payment work?   


We require a $1,000 Non-Refundable Deposit, $500 Damage Deposit and a Signed Contract to “Save the Date”. The final payment is Due 90 days prior.   We accept Check or Cash with No Additional Fees.  If you elect to use a Credit or Debit Card, we Charge 4% Service Fee for All Online Payments the Fee is 10%. Some Clients Pay via Bill Pay and there is No Fees.


20. Do you Offer a Military Discount?  


We offer our Active Military & First Responders Discount of $500, in memory of our Family and Friends that have served and continue to serve. 


21.  Can we bring our dog?   


Only licensed service animals are permitted in our venue because of insurance and health code standards, but your welcome to bring your dog for photos after the ceremony.   A wedding Park or backyard (which we’re happy to officiate) is usually best for animals-friendly weddings.


22.  How long do we get The Ranch rented for?   


This really depends on your Contracted Event.  But you may arrive up to two hours prior to your wedding start time!  Let us know so we’re ready for you.  Make sure to let your Guest know what time to arrive on the invite.


23.  What is your Cancellation Policy?   Is there a Refund if I Cancel My Wedding or Event? 


If you cancel your function, you agree to forfeit total rental amounts paid.  The Ranch On Vinton Rd and its vendors lock your event date and time schedule per your request.   All Payments are Non-Refundable.  Please keep in mind when you put your Deposit of $1000, we start locking the date in for your Event and we contact our staff, so they are also holding this date for you.  We can Reschedule one time due to COVID Restrictions it’s in the contract.  After that we will have to add a $500 fee to reschedule, and some vendors might have additional fees as well.


24.  Is the Package Taxed? Or is there Gratuity Fee?


Yes, the package is subject to Texas Sales Tax & 20% Gratuity for our Entire Staff.  


25.  Do you provide Event Insurance at?


 We require a $1 million event insurance policy with The Ranch On Vinton Road, Llc and its owners listed as the additional insured. Approximate cost - approx. $190+.  Any local Insurance Agent can assist with this, or we can recommend our Insurance Genius or any independent firm. We also recommend you add cancellation insurance. 


What's Included?

26.  Does the rental include linens, chairs, china, barware, flatware, tables?  Are there upgrade options and how much do they cost? 


Your event includes tables and chairs for guests as listed on your contract.  We also take care of all additional seating. You can choose any additional upgrade thru our price list. 

27.  What chairs are included in the rental?  Are there upgrade options and how much do they cost? 


We include white resin chairs for guest’s additional seating can be added please refer to our pricelist for cost.


28.  Can I bring my own vendors or Do My Own Photography, Hair & Make Up, Flowers, Catering?   


Yes!  We have a list of vendors, but you don’t have to use them. You may elect to bring you own vendors this includes family members that are licensed vendors an additional fee per vendor applies either yours or ours.  We have to take care of our establishment and our staff to be able to provide good service.  For our protection a Vendor form is required. and must be approved 90 days prior to event.


29.   Who’s included in my guest count?   


Everyone is included …..Yourself and the bridal party. If you’re doing our All-Inclusive Package, we take care of the vendor’s dinner but if you are bringing your own Vendor for Example, photographer or mariachi band....  make sure you include them as well!



30.  How many people can your venue hold?   


We can hold a maximum of 500 + on Parties of 200+ We add a Port-A-Potty to accommodate the large groups.


32.  How many people per table? 


6 gusts per table on rectangular 6 ft. tables and 4 guest per round cocktail table. Cocktails tables 2- 4 people comfortable.  Round 72” tables you can sit 8 guests comfortably. We also offer upgrades rustic tables, cross back chairs, larger round tables etc... to change the layout if you prefer at additional cost.

33.  What is the best way to contact you?   


Contact the Office number 915-588-8221. Download our Wix App --go to our website and follow the links we get this the quickest.



34.  When should the ceremony start?   


We recommend starting an hour and a half before sunset. This way you get 30 minutes of perfect lighting pictures and 30 minutes of sunset pictures after the ceremony. If you google “Sunset ‘your wedding date’”  it will give you the exact time.  Or if you want to do a first look and do most of your photos prior to the ceremony! That is always a great option then you get to enjoy your entire reception and not spend an hour and a half taking photos or go on a horse & carriage ride. 


35.  Can I bring my own officiant?  


This is your wedding your welcome to bring your officiant or use ours. 

36.  We are already married we just need time for the Reception and Dance Rental.  Is it possible?   


Yes, we still decorate the Weddings Ceremony we just don't set up the chairs unless you want to do a mock Ceremony for Family and Friends to witness you getting married here.  

What's Next?   

37.  If I book the complete package what else do I need? 


Your Dress, Stationary, maybe Cake Cutting set if you want a keepsake, Guest book, Garter set; Party favors (optional), Toasting glasses (optional), favors for your guests, pillows for ceremony, kids coloring books, (We are still adding to this list.)


38.  Can We Bring Our Own Tables, Chairs, Tents, Jumping Balloons, Heaters, any Rentals including linens... etc....?   


We do not allow outside vendors for this.  We use our own Rental Companies for these items.  


39.  When will Set Up be?   


We set up the venue approximately Four hours prior to your ceremony. Depending on weather we will make adjustments.


40.  What if I have less than 100 people?    


Our current pricing reflects what we need to do for an event.  Set up and clean up plus all our staff.  You can choose from All-Inclusive, or A la Cart e pricing. .   Prior to your event we get final count.  

41.  Is  The Ranch Indoors or Outdoors?   


We actually have both! We have an indoor barn bar as well as a beautiful outdoor area with grass and an Optional Ceremony Area.


42.  We booked signed the Contract Now What?   First off Congratulations! We are beyond excited to help plan your big day!


We can start discussion on your theme and work with you on your dream wedding.  Communication is key to getting organized.


43.  Do you have Security at The Ranch?   


We include security on your package.  If you would like additional Event Security or your head count is more than the package, additional Security can be anywhere from $250+ to $350+ starting per 50 Guests and it would be additional to your package. 

We're still adding to this .....!


The Ranch On Vinton Rd ~ Weddings & Social Events
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