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The Ranch On Vinton Rd-Gary & Christina Kroeplin-Ranch & Barn Venue- Weddings & Events
The Ranch On Vinton Rd-Gary & Christina Kroeplin
The Ranch On Vinton Rd- Gary & Christina Kroeplin


We are Gary and Christina Kroeplin and Family. Our family lives on the property and maintains The Ranch.   We have been here going on five plus years.  We also own and operate our contracting business and are proud military family.   My husband is originally from Buffalo, ND and I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. 

In 2013, I was sort of nominated to coordinate our parent’s 50th wedding anniversary with the help of my five siblings.  I'd been planning events for my corporate work and other gatherings and well why not. Our parents were originally married on the very day our 35th President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas while riding in a presidential motorcade through Dealey Plaza.  This was an emotional time for our country.  Our parents were scheduled to be married at San Jose Catholic Church, in El Paso, Texas.  My Dad was running late to his own wedding because El Paso and Juarez were both on high alert and mourning.  He borrowed a suit from a close friend, it even fit to big you can see in the pictures.  My mom was waiting at the altar, and grandma was not too happy.  Well eventually they were married but they really didn't get to celebrate as planned, since the whole town was grieving and all that was happening during that time.  Nonetheless, our family tried to make the best of a bad situation and just celebrated in a very quaint way.  Which was a simple gathering with whomever was present and with what they had.  They gathered in a family members backyard, a box radio for music and some real good food. But they had each other and that's what was important. 

Fifty years later we were lucky to be able to give our parents their wedding day at the very same church they became husband and wife and now with some original guests that were not able to join the first time, due to boarders being closed in El Paso & Juarez, back in 1963.   

April 2, 2020, tragedy struck our family; we lost our family's patriarch, my father passed away from complications of heart surgery.  One very sad day in our family’s story and one in which we could not gather properly due to restrictions.  The world at this time was faced with a pandemic and it was the first week of shutdowns.  Somehow, we managed to gather and make the best of it during our grieving process. 

Throughout all these times of change we have managed to keep family, friends, gatherings, people and most of all love alive.

Originally The Ranch On Vinton Rd all came about with a crazy idea when we bought our property.  We were already planning parties and gatherings that we decided to create another family owned business out of it.  Now with all the changes that have come due to the pandemic we are fortunate to still be able to operate.

We are extremely grateful for this.  We can't wait to move forward when the time is right for everyone.  We understand we are all grieving in some way-- we have felt the impact ourselves.  We continue to grow and we have been blessed.  We could never imagine all the changes that we have had and somehow continue to persevere.

We appreciate each and every one and our sincere Thank you from the bottom of hearts. 

 We realize that our stories are often better told thru special events.

We look forward to the opportunity to help make it just a little extra special.

Our goal is to make your event memorable and unique. 

We hope it becomes one of the best talked about chapters of your life. 

Gather with your family hold them tight and ​Let's Celebrate when the time is right.

From our Family to Yours 

Gary & Christina Kroeplin 

The Ranch On Vinton Rd- Gary & Christina Kroeplin
The Ranch On Vinton Rd- Gary & Christina Kroeplin
The Ranch On Vinton Rd- Gary & Christina Kroeplin
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