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All Inclusive Social Events at The Ranch On Vinton Rd El Paso Texas Venues

Social Events


The Ranch On Vinton Rd

All ~ Inclusive Venue



Experience Rustic Elegance at  The Ranch On Vinton Rd ~ Private Ranch & Barn Venue

The perfect destination for a unique and memorable Wedding, Family Reunion or Any Social Event.   Our natural atmosphere nestled in the heart of Texas  is a Beautiful backdrop for any Event.

Our amenities allow you to relax and enjoy your event, away from the hustle & bustle.  Leave the planning to us.  The Ranch Posse (our Staff) is on hand to help you 

create an amazing Celebration.  

Our basic venue pricing is based on what is needed to get started.  We have already selected a network of vendors we work with to help ensure your event is perfect from start to finish.  Before you invest in any Vendors come and see who we recommend for your Event.


Just The Ranch Pricing


2024 & 2025

Four (4) Hour Rental $4,850
Six (6) Hour Rental: $6,850
Holidays Add:  $1,000

Summer 2024 & 2025

June & August Only


Four (4) Hour Rental $4,550

Six (6) Hour Rental: $6,550

Holiday Add $1,000



Four (4) Hour Rental $5,850

Six (6) Hour Rental: $7,850

Holidays Add:  $1,000


Discounts available for Military & First Responders


  Every package is customizable. 

Friday or Saturday, Booking start at Six (6) Hout Rental 100 minimum guest count.

Music + Food +
The Ranch On Vinton Rd  Horse & Carriage

Corporate Event 
& Non- Profit

Step out into El Paso, Texas Countryside
and experience the beauty and elegance of
The Ranch on Vinton Rd.
We try to keep things Simple an Extra Special.

We hope you love it much as we do.....!


About Your Event

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